Thursday, December 13, 2012

.::BT::. Oh Hush & .::BT::. Time's Up *red Male & Female

.::BT::. Oh Hush

This is one of the new outfits that Bitch Tail has in the store. It is super cute and its perfect for the winter season. It comes with boots, antlers and also a sexy hoodie that shows enough for the wandering eye. This outfit also comes with the Lola Breast Applyer hud so you can wear it if you wish. My suggestion is to wear it without the Lola Breast Applyer because it makes the outfit better but that is just my suggestion. You can wear this outfit with or without the antlers but I'd wear it with the antlers to make it more Christmasy.

Created By: Tiff Renfold
Modeled By: Violet TopHat-Waddington

.::BT::. Time's Up *red Male & Female


OMG I love this outfit. This outfit comes with ears and tail. For the guys you got pants and a nice strapped shirt. For the girls you got leggings, skirt and a strapped top just like the guys. It does come in other colors so do check it out. I would wear the skirt part without the ears and tail but add some cute black boots. For the guys Id suggest wear the shirt and pants with some awesome looking boots and you can wear or not wear the ears and tail. Both outfits are super sexy and I give this a 11000 on the rating scale.

Created By: Tiff Renfold
Modeled By: McGee Waddington and Violet TopHat-Waddington

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