Monday, December 17, 2012

.::BT::. Quit Now *grey*

.::BT::. Quit Now *grey*
Mesh dress

This is one of my favorite mesh outfits from Bitch Tail cause it is casual and I love that. I love to see outfits like this mesh or not its very relaxing. This outfit comes in different colors teal, black, blue, red and of course grey which is shown above. If you wanted to wear just the dress it would very sexy or if you would just like to wear the jeans you can do that too. No matter how you wanna look you will look amazing in this outfit. So head on over to Bitch Tail and get this outfit. Trust me it is worth it!

Created By: Tiff Renfold
Modeled By: Violet TopHat-Waddington

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